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Newport, Rhode Island

In October it was off to Newport, Rhode Island for a family wedding. (Congrats, Steve and Madison).

Newport is a gorgeous town—picturesque, very much a New England vibe, and with a lot of history. We got a chance to do some sightseeing amid all the festivities that included the famous cliff walk. 

If you get a chance to visit—go. Here below are a couple of shots from our time there. 

Sunset in Newport
Newport, Rhode Island, USA — October 23, 2021. A wide angle early morning photo of Bowens Wharf in Newport.
Newport, Rhode Island, USA — October 10, 2021. A woman walks on the beach in Newport, Rhode Island near the famous cliff walk.
Newport, Rhode Island, USA — October 21, 2021. Newport Marina
A long distance shot of a sea gull standing in shallow water while waves in the background begin to come ashore.


Fall Comes to Reston

Fall has finally arrived. This fall the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival returned to Reston Town Center. Sponsored by the Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art, the festival provides a forum for artists to display their work and offer pieces for sale. This year’s festival was rescheduled from May of 2021 to September 9 though 12 of 2021. All in all a welcome development after last year’s festival was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A few shots taken at the festival are below. Also include is a photo of looking over Reston West and the changing colors of Autumn.

A landscape photo looks out over the lush scenery of Reston Virginia to the Blue Ridge Mountains as the seasons change; a plane in the sky is from Dul
Reston, VA, USA -- Sept 10, 2021. A woman walks by booths set up for the annual Northern Virginia Art Festival in Reston, VA.
Reston, VA, USA — Sept 10, 2021. A woman walks by booths set up for the annual Northern Virginia Art Festival in Reston, VA.
Reston, VA, USA -- Sept 10, 2021. People browse art exhibits at the Fine Arts Festival in Reston, Virginia.
Reston, VA, USA — Sept 10, 2021. People browse art exhibits at the Fine Arts Festival in Reston, Virginia.

Note: All photos protected by copyright.


More on the Outer Banks

There is a lot more to see and do on the Outer Banks in North Carolina than just hang out at the beach–which truth be told is pretty enjoyable by itself. There are plenty of other things to see. Among them are the lighthouses at Bodie Island and Cape Hatteras, the Jockey Ridge Sand Dunes, Corolla Park, the town of Mateo and the Roanoke Island Lighthouse. And not too far away is the Kitty Hawk Museum that celebrates the first flights of the Wright brothers. We visited them all. Some photos are below, available for licensing at

Corolla Park, NC, USA — August 17, 2021. A curvy path leads to the historic Whalehead Mansion
A wide angle photo of the desert like Jockey Ridge sand dunes in the Outer Banks of North Carolina
Manteo, NC, USA — August 15, 2021. Wide angle photo of a boat steering past the Roanoke Marshes in stormy weather.
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Nags Head, NC, USA — August 9, 2021. A horizontal landscape photo of 2 park rangers standing at the entrance to Bodie Light Station Keepers Quarters.
Nags Head, NC, USA — August 9, 2021. Photo of the Bodie Island Lighthouse on a summer morning.
Kitty Hawk, NC, USA — July 27, 2021. Tourists walk toward the Kitty Hawk Museum.

Off to New Jersey for a Wedding

We recently traveled back up to New Jersey to attend the wedding of our nephew Kevin McDonald to Becca Lipke. The wedding had actually been scheduled for 2020, but due to the Covid pandemic, it was postponed for a year. With things finally opening up, the wedding went forward. 

The ceremony took place at Hudson House on Port Liberte. It overlooks the Hudson River, with spectacular views Manhattan’s downtown skyline, including Freedom Tower and the Statue of Liberty. 

While we were in Jersey City we took a walk through the Newport section and then the Hoboken train station. Here (below) are some photos from Jersey City and the train station. 


A photo of the downtown New York City skyline as seen from Jersey City on a summer morning.
A wide angle photo of buildings on the Jersey City waterfront.
A wide angle photo of a walking path along the Hudson River in the Newport section of Jersey City.
Hoboken, NJ, USA — June 19, 2021. A red headed woman walks in a streak of light in the Hoboken train station in New Jersey.
Hoboken, NJ, USA — June 19, 2021. Commuters walk through the inside of the Hoboken train station in NJ.
Washington Blvd, Jersey City, USA — June 19, 2021. A wide angle photo of outdoor dining spots along Washington Blvd in Jersey City, NJ.

Spring is Here

In a few short weeks spring emerged in Northern Virginia. Grey is out; green is in. One of the great advantages of Northern Virginia is its great variety of parks and gardens managed by the Fairfax County Parks Authority. From Meadowlark Botanical Gardens to the wetlands in Huntley Meadows Park to the children’s exhibits in Frying Pan Farm Park, there is a lot to see. 

And the parks are a great place to take photos. So here below are a few recent ones from Huntley Meadows. More from other locations will be arriving in the coming weeks and months. 


Alexandria, VA, USA — April 8, 2021. P vertical photo of a jogger running on a trail in Huntley Meadows Park.
A landscape photo taken with a zoom lens of wetlands in Huntley Meadow Park in Alexandria, VA.
Alexandria, VA, USA — April 8, 2021. A photo of phtographers working thoer craft in Huntley Meadows Park.
Landscape photo of a goose looking out over a section of the wetlands in Huntley Meadows Park.

Photos from the Past Year

The year 2020 is just about gone;  a year defined by politics and a pandemic. It is a year that I expect few people will remember fondly. 

At the outset of the year most eyes were fixed on the Democratic presidential primary, not to mention the impeachment and Senate trial of President Trump. Who remembers that now? It seems so long ago. But it wasn’t. 

By March the year had morphed into one in which the focus became the Coronavirus, taking countermeasures,  and a frantic search for a vaccine. Mercifully the drug companies were successful in finding several vaccines, and in record time. 

But not before American life turned upside down. Governors began issuing orders, often unilaterally, requiring citizens to wear protective masks, restricting travel and closing all but essential businesses. Essential businesses included state liquor stores and lottery sales. In parts of the country, churches and religious services didn’t count as essential, at least until the courts stepped in. 

The travel and hospitality businesses took a giant hit. Plenty of small businesses will never re-open. Big cities took a big hit. Manhattan is like a ghost town; some estimates put office space occupancy at around 12%. People who can work with a laptop and an internet connection are doing so from home. City real estate prices are plummeting; the suburbs are soaring as people look for more space and home offices. 

We lost a dear friend in May when Ron Thau passed away after a long illness. 

But there is some good news amongst all the doom and gloom.

Amid all the chaos and conflict, the November elections came and went, accompanied by long lines and mail-in ballots. There was a huge turnout; the largest in percentage terms since 1900 when William McKinley thrashed William Jennings Bryan. In that race McKinley won a second term in a rematch against Bryan. Unlike today, Bryan (the loser) accepted the result. 

Vaccinations of front line medical personnel began in December. More slowly than hoped for, but the process is now underway. 

Most important, two family members (our nephew Tom Benning and our  niece Shannon McDonald) announced engagements at Christmas time. 

I have included some photos below from 2020 that reflect some of the tumult of the year. Here’s to a brighter 2021. 

Pre-pandemic Politics Photos

Washington DC, USA — January 24, 2020. A Park Police Officer directs traffic at the annual March for Life in Washington, DC.
Leesburg, VA, USA. Residents attend a crowded town hall meeting in Leesburg Virginia.
February 3, 2020. Man with a protest sign in the District during Trump impeachment.
Leesburg, VA, USA — January 25, 2020. A concerned citizen addresses a Leesburg Virginia Town Hall on the subject of gun control.

The Pandemic, Isolation and Social Distancing

Reston, VA, USA — April 25, 2020. A man wearing a face mask carries his take-out dinner in a bag; others wait for their orders to be fulfilled.
Reston, VA. USA — November 3, 2020. Photo of a man sitting quietly in Reston Town Center Park while bathed in soft afternoon light.
Reston, VA, USA — Nov 3, 2020. A wide angle photo of a woman taking a walk in Reston Town Center Park on an Autumn afternoon.
Reston, VA, USA –June 3, 2020. A wide angle landscape photo taken in Reston Town Center where stores and restaurants are beginning to re-open from lockdown.
Reston, VA, USA — November 29, 2020. Photo of a young woman in a park minding 2 cups of coffee while waiting for a friend.
Reston, VA, USA — September 2, 2020. Wide angle photo of a nearly empty park in Reston Town Center

Long Lines at Voting Places

Fairfax, VA, USA — Long lines await early voters in Fairfax Virginia.
Reston, VA, USA — October 27, 2020. Voters line up to vote early in Reston, VA

Thanksgiving 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, this Thanksgiving was different. Fortunately though, we got a visit from Mary Anne’s brother  Joe on Thanksgiving day. The original game plan was for the three of us to take a ride over to Great Falls National Park in McLean and hike around a bit. 

It turns out that we weren’t the only ones with that idea. It seems that pretty much everyone in Northern Virginia had the same thought. The line of cars to get into the parking lot was so long that we abandoned that plan and headed over to River Bend National Park, which also runs alongside the Potomac River.

Joe and Mary Anne
Mary Anne and Joe Conversing

There we had a chance to look over the Potomac, and take a walk on one of the trails in the woods and catch up. Later, we went to Lake Anne and looked around, before ultimately heading back to Reston Town Center for a not-so-traditional, but delicious, Thanksgiving dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse. 

A kayaker rows out on the Potomac River
Joe McDonald looks out over the Potomac
Morton’s Steakhouse in Reston Town Square

Some photos from our walk and a Kayaker on the Potomac are posted here. 

Thanks to Joe for stopping by on Thanksgiving.  

Great Falls, Virginia, USA — November 26, 2020. A woman rows a kayak toward the sunlit far shore of the Potomac.


Autumn in the Shenandoah Valley

The Shenandoah Valley, with its spectacular vistas is a wonderful place to visit in Autumn as the trees begin to change colors. There are small towns and farms to visit as well as B&B’s wineries, breweries, campgrounds and RV parks. We prefer to do our camping in hotels with nice bars, so the campgrounds are not in our plans. 

We recently took a short trip to Shenandoah Valley and stayed in the Iris Inn. The Iris Inn describes itself as a luxury retreat overlooking the Shenandoah Valley.

The Iris Inn

It’s an apt description. We stayed in the Main Inn for a night so we could walk around the various paths in the woods of the valley. Unfortunately we were met by pouring rain, so that idea was scotched. Nevertheless we did see some of the spectacular sights of the Shenandoah Valley and will return someday. 

Here (below) are a couple of landscape photos from the trip. 

A landscape photo taken in the forest in Shenandoah Valley on a rainy morning,
Photo of Ttees in Shenendoah Valley as they begin to shed thier leaves in Autumn.


Baltimore, Maryland

We headed out to Baltimore over last weekend to see our long time friends Ethel, Rich and Anne Marie. Rich and Anne Marie were in town from the coast to visit with their daughter Jen, her husband and their 7 month old daughter Loretta. It was great to see everybody although tinged with some sadness because Ron Thau had passed away in May.

Baltimore (or Bal’mor as some locals pronounce it) has a population of about 600,00 making it the 30th largest city in the U.S. measured by population.

The five of us headed out to the Fells Point section where we had some lunch. Then we eventually made our way to Patterson Park where we met Jen and her baby daughter Loretta.

At 137 acres it is not Baltimore’s largest park, but is impressive all the same. Among its attractions are numerous ballfields, a duck pond, war memorials, and a pagoda that served as a lookout in the early 1800s. The locals refer to the park as the best back yard in Baltimore. Here below are some shots from the park as well as a photo of a brightly painted row house, complete with campaign sign in the window.

A wide angle landscape photo of Patterson Park taken on an autumn afternoon in Baltimore.
A wide angle landscape photo of the duck pond in Patterson Park, Baltimore MD.
The Gang and Loretta
Baltimore, MD, USA — Oct 4, 2020. A wide angle vertical shot of the pagoda style Observatory in Patterson Park, Baltimore MD.
Baltimore, MD, USA — Oct 4, 2020. Vertical photo of a brightly painted row house in Baltimore.