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The Atlantic

Travel Monday: A Photo Trip to Southeast Alaska

Alan Taylor May 21, 2018

The Washingtonian 

Report: Maryland Better than Virginia 

Andrew Beaujon, May 14,2019

Reader’s Digest

The Best Picnic Spots in Every State

Amanda Tarlton / Travel

Curbed San Francisco

Stockton Street to reopen for traffic

Adam Brinklow, February 20, 2019

Curbed San Francisco

Housing Shortages and NIMBYism driving homeless crisis, says new report

Adam Brinklow, April 11, 2019

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Cheat Sheet

Julie Peirano / February 8, 2019

Please Stop Using Your Pet as a Fake Service Dog

Fast Company

New York is Confiscating Delivery Bikes, Hurting Immigrants and Helping No One

Apogee Photo

Joe Benning, March 1, 2018.

A Glamping Photo Safari in Africa

Pure Wow

The New Jersey Town You Should Visit This Summer, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Dan Koday, May 24, 2019.

Best Life April 5, 2019 

Here are the 30 Toughest National Geographic GeoBee Questions from the Past 30 Years

Wander Woman Project


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Golden Stairs

Best Beaches to Visit in Anguilla: Fodor’s Travel Guide

Fodor’s Travel Guide. Photo Credit Joe Benning / Shutterstock

Cruise Critic: Best Cruise Ports for Golf

Maui Golf Course. Photo Credit Joe Benning / Shutterstock

Travel Lens. Published Sept 2, 2021

Joe Benning / Shutterstock

World Atlas: The World’s Most Remote and Dangerous Islands

Joe Benning / Shutterstock

Newsweek August 2021

Joe Benning / Shutterstock

Matador Network February 2020

Joe Benning / Shutterstock

The Discover Blog

Easter Island

Joe Benning / Shutterstock

Travel Awaits

Joe Benning / Shutterstock

The Headline Update

Joe Benning / Shutterstock

Virginia Travel Tips

Joe Benning / Shutterstock


Joe Benning / Shutterstock

MWK Travel Services

Joe Benning / Shutterstock

Law Dragon

Joe Benning / Dreamstime

Opera News

Travel: National Park Service Considers Installing Selfie Stations To Curb Overcrowding

Joe Benning / Dreamstime

Conde Nast Traveler

Joe Bennning / Alamy