Bordeaux & Visitors from England

As our trip to Bordeaux was drawing to a close, our good friends Sally and Michael Oxlade, from the time we lived in England, flew down to Bordeaux to join us. We spent the next several days catching up, tasting wines at various vineyards and touring around. 

Sally Duckworth
Michael Oxlade

After meeting in Bordeaux, the next morning  we drove out to the beach resort town Arcachon  where we spent the night. While there we took a ferry out to Cap Ferret and had lunch at a fabulous restaurant. 

Photo of Ferris Wheel on Cap Ferret Beach

Arcachon and Cap Ferret are famous for their oysters and other sea food, which we had along with, of course, some great wine.

Seafood Bar & Restaurant in Cap Ferry

Easily seen from the beach area is the Cap Ferret Lighthouse.

For some reason or other the oysters cling to sticks planted nearby in the ocean (see photo above) where they are easily caught and ready to be eaten—for those who like raw oysters. Mary Anne and I can be counted out on that score. 

Young Man Catching Some Sun

The beaches at Cap Ferret were very peaceful, probably because it was just before the tourist season really gets rolling. In any event, there were people on the beach, but not many were in the water, almost certainly because the weather hadn’t yet warmed up enough for swimming.

People on the beach at Cap Ferret across from the Dunes on Arcachon

After dinner back in Arcachon, we turned in and headed off to do some wine tasting in St Emilion the next day. More about that in another post.