Sunday in Bordeaux

We had beautiful weather during our day trip to Cognac. The next day, Sunday, was also very nice in Bordeaux. We hiked over to to the Basilica (Basilique Saint-Seurin) for the 9:00 AM Mass which was, of course, all in French. 

The building of the Basilique Saint-Seurin de Bordeaux (Basilica of Saint Severinus in English) was begun in the 11th century.  At first the construction was in Romanesque style. Later additions incorporated Renaissance and Gothic styles. In 1998 UNESCO designated Saint-Seurin, along with three other churches, as World Heritage Sites. 

In the late afternoon we trekked over to the Bourse to see if the fountains that constitute Le Miroir d’eau de Bordeaux had been turned on, but as of today the fountains are still off. So: no fountain, so no water, so no reflections. Oh well. 

Since we were in the neighborhood we killed a little time with some vin rouge and then had a casual dinner in the area. And later what did we do? We got ready for French class on Monday morning. 

So now we are in the last week of the Road Scholar program. We’ll meet our friends Sally and Michael in Bordeaux on Saturday and do some touring in the surrounding area. Without having homework to do. 

Hat Rack Outside a Retail Store
A Busker in Bordeaux

Au revoir