In The Dordogne Valley

Along with Gerry Ponto we went took a train ride out to Sarlat in the French countryside for a weekend visit. Sarlat, in the Dordogne valley, has a reputation for being a stunningly beautiful village. It is undoubtedly that, and much more. Sarlat is surrounded by other beautiful and picturesque villages, complete with medieval castles and houses. And the Dordogne river snakes through the whole area. 

Sarlat, France — Locals enjoy a cuop of coffee at an outdoor cafe in Sarlat.
Merchant makes a sale from her fruit stand

One of the villages we visited was Domme (a shout out to Tom McGuane who told Mary Anne not to miss it). It is a tiny, picturesque village with the Dordogne river running alongside it. Among other things we watched a small bit of a Petanque game in a park. Mary Anne caught a photo of it.  

Playing Petanque in Domme
Overlooking the Dordogne River from Domme
A telephoto image of a village in the Dordogne Valley
Houses Built into the Side of the Mountain in La Roque-Gageac

One of the more amazing things to see in the Dordogne Valley is the Beynac Chateau. (Chateau is the French word for castle). And it is quite a castle. Actually it looks kind of familiar. That’s because lots of movies have been filmed there, largely because it is so well preserved. 

Turns out the Beynac castle was so well constructed and fortified that it was never overtaken by force. All was not light and sweetness though, because invaders would periodically lay siege on the fortress and try to starve them out. Apparently Amazon doesn’t deliver during sieges. 

A photo of an approach to the Beynac Castle

It’s a 2 ½ hour train ride out to Sarlat from Bordeaux albeit through gorgeous scenery, so the time passed quickly. And we had a guide to take us around on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday we went to a local Mass and hopped back onto the train. A good time was had by all. 

Au Revoir