More Adventures in Bordeaux

We continued our adventure in Bordeaux with a photo walk with a photographer around a few parts of town. On our walk we went to the public garden—a botanic garden that is open to the public. Both the public garden and nearby surrounding areas have Roman ruins that have been preserved through the centuries. 

A photo taken of an ancient structure built in the Public Gardens of Bordeaux
A wall from Roman ruins in the heart of Bordeaux
A wide angle iPhone photo of a section of Roman runins in the center of Bordeaux.

A few days later, over the weekend, we headed out on the train to Saint-Emilion in the heart of the wine country. It only takes a half-hour ride on the train to reach Saint-Emilion, and then maybe a 20 or 30 minute walk into town. The town and the surrounding vineyards are truly spectacular. 

Bordeaux Train Station
A winding street leading to the top of the city of Saint-Emilion

It is a medieval city, and you can easily imagine what it must have looked like centuries ago. The old winding streets, the grand churches and little shops and restaurants provide a feast for the eyes. Along with Tai-Chi and Geraldine we had lunches consisting of  Coquille St Jacque and duck at a restaurant named Lard et Bouchon, which we could get into because Mary Anne had the foresight to make reservations. 

Anyway some photos from Saint-Emilion are below. Also—Mary Anne went on a tour of an outdoor market and took some photos. We’ll post on that before too long.

A landscape photo of a vineyard in St Emilion.
A photo of a chateaux and vineyard in St Emilion

Au Reviour — Joe