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End of the Line: Barcelona & Girona

3 Glorious Days in Barcelona & Girona When we sailed into Barcelona on May 30 we were ready for a planned 3 day stop with a side trip to Girona.  Except for what we needed for the next few days, our luggage was on its way back to the States.   We checked into a […]

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Back on the European Mainland

Back to Mainland Europe June 1, 2023 Granada, Spain We arrived in the Spanish province of Granada on the European mainland on May 28, 2023. Now I know how Columbus must have felt after he landed in the New World and finally got a halfway decent WIFI signal. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, […]

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Last Day in Africa

Rock the Casbah Agadir, Morocco  May 29, 2023 We sailed into Morocco on Thursday, the 26th of May, for our last day on the African continent. Overall we found the people living in Africa to be extraordinarily friendly and welcoming. They constantly waved hello and seemed eager to tell us about their countries. But the […]

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The Canaries

The Canary Islands  May 27, 2023 We arrived in the Canary Islands, “the Canaries” as the locals refer to them on the 24th of May. After a spending a few weeks visiting countries on the coast of West Africa, it was a bit of a relief.   The Canaries are claimed by Spain, and have […]

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A Short Visit to Cape Verde

Mindelo, Cape Verde May 21, 2023 On Sunday morning, May 21, we docked in Mindelo, the port city of the island of Sao Vincente. It is known for its carnival traditions, first originating from Portugal. Later cultural influences came from Brazil.  Mindelo, home to 93% of the island’s population is often considered to be the […]

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A Visit to Dakar, Senegal

Dakar, Senegal May 20, 2023 On May 19 we docked in Senegal, officially known as the Republic of Senegal. The ship’s captain reported today that we are currently in the process of exiting an area known for the highest risk of attack by pirates, which in its own way is sort of comforting.   Now […]

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A Quick Trip into Abidjan

The Ivory Coast May 17, 2023 We had a short visit to the Ivory Coast, or Cote d’Ivoire. The visit was short because we docked 4 hours late for some unknown reason and the scheduled tours had to be shortened so we could sail on time later that evening. Instead of going on a scheduled […]

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A Quick Tour in Ghana

Takoradi, Ghana May 16, 2023 We arrived in Ghana, officially known as the Republic of Ghana, on May 15. Located on the West Coast of Africa, Ghana was the first sub-Saharan country to gain independence from colonial rule on March 6, 1957. Ghana is the second largest cocoa producer in the world, and claims that […]

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Adventures in Voodoo

A Voodoo Ceremony in Togo  May 15, 2023 We sailed into Togo, officially the Togolese Republic, on Sunday May 14 to witness a Voodoo ceremony in a village named Sanguera. In a way it was a study in the contrasts that are endemic to so many African countries.  On the one hand we witnessed a […]

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