Welcome to Bordeaux!

Well, we made it. We made it in spite of the fact that on our scheduled day of departure Air France sent us an e-mail a little before 6:00 AM informing us that our flights were cancelled. Just like that. Not even an explanation—even in corporate speak—as to why. Based on news reports we surmised that it was a targeted strike of sorts.

Paris, France — March 7, 2024. A wide angle iPhoto if the waiting lounge in Terminal 2G in CDG Airport in Paris.

Needless to say, Air France was incapable of rebooking us on alternate flights and the Air France website was useless. So a mad scramble was on. Fortunately we managed to book flights into Atlanta and from there to Paris and from Paris to Bordeaux. When we got to Atlanta we managed to get to the gate for the flight to Paris just as the plane was boarding. But we made it. So, as they say here: Voila!

Bordeaux, France–An iPhoto of Cathédrale Saint-André de Bordeaux

French language classes start Monday and they will go on for 3 hours each weekday for 6 weeks. They are not kidding when they refer to language immersion. After classes we will be visiting museums and going to French cooking classes. On the weekends we plan to visit some vineyards. Saint-Emilion, Pauilac and St Estephe are all high on the list. 

Bordeaux, France–A wide angle iPhoto of an outdoor cafe setting in Bordeaux, France

We are just settling in, so we’ll report back after some classes and touring around. In the meantime here are some iPhone photos. 

A side angle iPhone photo of the Bordeaux Cathedral
An iPhone photo of Saint-Andre Cathedral on a rainy night.
A wide angle iPhone photo of the Stone Bridge over the River Garonne in Bordeaux.
Bordeaux, France—March 9, 2024. Cyclists on a quiet boulevard pedal along in front of a picture window that reflects distorted images from across the road.