Halifax, Nova Scotia

We arrived in Halifax in early September to begin a 10-day tour of Nova Scotia, a beautiful place. As we made our way around we managed to catch hurricane Fiona, which made landfall on September 24. Most of the damage appeared to be in Cape Bretton, which we left the day before. 

Needless to say Halifax Stanfield International Airport was shut down so all flights were cancelled. Consequently, we had to stay for a day or two  extra before we could Geta flight out.  Note to self: Don’t ever fly Air Canada again. They were a nightmare to deal with. 

But Nova Scotia was beautiful, and the people were exceptionally nice. Our Road Scholar trip started in Halifax where we visited (among other places) Citadel Hill, Fort George, the Titanic cemetery where many of the ship’s victims are buried, the Maritime Museum, the public Gardens of Halifax and the boardwalk. I included a few shots taken at some of these spots in Halifax. Please see below.


Vertical format photo of the Halifax Town Clock on Citidel Hill in Nova Scotia
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada — Sept 13, 2022. A guard in traditional ceremonial dress outside an entrance to Fort George in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Halifax, Nova Scotai, Canada — Sept 13. 2022. Photo of tourists sitting outside the gift shop at Fort George in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada — Sept 13, 2022. Photo of a busker singing and playing an acoustic guitar in the Halifax Public Gardens.