Another Day in Halifax

The next day we saw some more of the city of Halifax, which is the largest city in Nova Scotia and a major economic center.  But with a population of about 440,000 people it is kind of a small city by most standards. 

The city is an important tourism center with numerous National Historic Sites including Citadel Hill which is where Ft. George is located. Downtown Halifax is a major shopping center which includes Scotia Square, the Maritime Mall and Spring Garden road where the city maintains a public garden. 

The city is home to numerous colleges and universities including Dalhousie University, University of Kings College, Mount St. Vincent University, NSCAD University, and Nova Scotia Community College. With so many colleges and universities located in such a relative small town, there is no lack of student bars and there is always good pizza to be had.

We wandered around the Halifax Harbor Boardwalk, visited the Maritime Museum, went for a ferry ride to Dartmouth and back, visited the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the cemetery where many of the victims of the sinking of the Titanic are buried, and had several excellent meals at local restaurants. 

Some photos of our wanderings are below.


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada — Sept 13, 2022. A photo of a ferry leaving Halifax for Dartmouth on Halifax Harbor.
Tourists Walking on the Boardwalk
Photo of a section of the Halifax Waterfront Harbor boardwalk that juts out to sea.

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