Around New Jersey

Off to New Jersey for a Wedding

We recently traveled back up to New Jersey to attend the wedding of our nephew Kevin McDonald to Becca Lipke. The wedding had actually been scheduled for 2020, but due to the Covid pandemic, it was postponed for a year. With things finally opening up, the wedding went forward. 

The ceremony took place at Hudson House on Port Liberte. It overlooks the Hudson River, with spectacular views Manhattan’s downtown skyline, including Freedom Tower and the Statue of Liberty. 

While we were in Jersey City we took a walk through the Newport section and then the Hoboken train station. Here (below) are some photos from Jersey City and the train station. 


A photo of the downtown New York City skyline as seen from Jersey City on a summer morning.
A wide angle photo of buildings on the Jersey City waterfront.
A wide angle photo of a walking path along the Hudson River in the Newport section of Jersey City.
Hoboken, NJ, USA — June 19, 2021. A red headed woman walks in a streak of light in the Hoboken train station in New Jersey.
Hoboken, NJ, USA — June 19, 2021. Commuters walk through the inside of the Hoboken train station in NJ.
Washington Blvd, Jersey City, USA — June 19, 2021. A wide angle photo of outdoor dining spots along Washington Blvd in Jersey City, NJ.

Summer’s Almost Gone

As the summer drew to a close we made a quick trip up to Long Beach Island. There we spent some time with Jim and Debbie Benning who rented a place in Brant Beach on Long Beach Island in mid-September. So here are a few shots from early and mid morning at Brant Beach, and later at Barnegat Lighthouse.

Early morning light at Branch Beach, on Long Beacg Island.
Beach House on Long Beach Island
A landscape photo looking up a hilll and over beach grass toward beach houses in the distance.
Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, NJ, USA — September 13, 2019. Photo of Barnegat Lighthouse taken against a blue sky in the waning days of summer.


Kessler Foundation Stroll and Roll

The Kessler Foundation is a public charity dedicated to helping people afflicted with disabilities caused by stroke, multiple sclerosis, brain and other injuries, to improve their lives. Kessler, which funds research and prepares people with disabilities to re-enter the workforce, is one of the world’s leading organizations in rehabilitation medicine. Joe Benning Photography is an enthusiastic supporter of the Kessler Foundation and is a sponsor of the Annual Stroll and Roll. The 16th annual Stroll and Roll took place today in Verona Park. Some photos from the event are below. Please take a look at the Kessler Foundation Website to learn more about their work. Here is the web address:


Cyclists preparing for the kick-off of the annual Kessler Foundation Stroll and Roll.

Ellen, Mary Anne amd Sally are walking in the Kessler Stroll and Roll.

Team Halchek participating in the annual Stroll and Roll.

Participants in the Annual Stroll and Roll.

A close-up of a small stone bridge over a section of Verona Lake, in the park.

Trees and foliage are reflected in the Verona Park Lake on an Autumn morning.

The leaves on the trees around Verona Park are starting to change colors.

Quiet lake in Verona Park, NJ in Autumn


Dorbrook Recreation Area—Monmouth County Park System

The Monmouth County Park System is reportedly one of the best in the country. A link to the system with a description of its parks is here.


One of the more interesting parks is called the Dorbrook Recreation Area, in Colts Neck. Among other things (like a model aircraft field) it has a small farm on the property. I was lucky enough the other day to catch a tractor plowing the fields—it looked for all the world like it could have been in Idaho. Anyway, it’s well worth a visit.

Click on any of the photos below to see a larger version.

A barely visible tractor kicks up a lot of dust while plowing a field.

A barn and stable on a rolling hill of green grass as autumn approaches.

Leaves are turning colors on the trees as Autumn approaches

A white barn on green grass with a dutch syle roof under threatening skies.

A tractor kicks up a lot of dust while plowing a field.









Batsto Village in Burlington County, NJ

We recently made a trip to Batsto Village, a historic site located within Washington Township in the Pine Barrens. It is listed on both the New Jersey and National Register of Historic Places and administered by the Division of Parks and Forestry, part of New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection.


An ironmaster by the name of Charles Read built the Batsto Iron Works along the Batsto River. It would eventually grow into the Batsto Village. Over the years it changed hands a number of times, with the last private owner being Joseph Wharton, who purchased it in 1876. Wharton, a founder of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, refurbished many of the buildings in the Village. In addition, launched a number of forestry and agricultural projects, including cranberry farming and a sawmill.


In the 1950s the State of New Jersey bought the Wharton properties and it is now a State Park with a Visitors Center and a small museum. It is well worth a visit.

Batsto Village, Hammonton, NJ USA — August 28, 2017 Barns , fencing and a meadow in the historic town of Batsto, NJ, listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Batsto Village, Hammonton, NJ USA — August 28, 2017 The Blacksmith and Wheelhouse shop in the historic town of Batsto, NJ , listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Photo of Batso Lake in HIstoric Batsto Village

Batsto Village, Hammonton, NJ USA — August 28, 2017 The Mansion House in historic Batsto, village, listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.