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Spring Lake

Today is a glorious day in Spring Lake. It is the opening of the summer season and the day we have the Spring Lake 5 mile run. 12,500 runners (the max) participated this year. A short video of the start as well as photos are posted on the site. More photos of Spring Lake are […]

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Leaving Vancouver…Headed for San Francisco

Hello Everyone We are on our way back to San Francisco from Vancouver where we saw some spectacular skies on the way in, hiked in an old growth forest and got a visit from Bob and Barbara. And we will be back in Spring Lake on Saturday. Here are some photos from the Vancouver part […]

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver, BC, Canada                                       May 3, 2016 We spent a wonderful day in Vancouver, a city we hadn’t seen before, a city that impressed us tremendously.  A vibrant cosmopolitan city (developed only about 100 years ago), with […]

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Our time in Alaska

Alaska                                                             May 1, 2016 We have spent this past week visiting several places in Alaska and enjoying the beautiful scenery and the nice local folks. This is a giant state, and our visit only covered a bit of the Aleutian Islands and some of the towns/cities in the southeast part of the state. Alaska’s big […]

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Alaska Continued…

Hello Everyone We are in the home stretch. We spent the last several days in Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan where our activities include nature hikes in rain forests, going up to the summit of the Coastal Mountains on a train, sailing along in a Fjord, and whale watching. We saw sea lions, whales and a […]

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