On the Road to Jaipur, India

On the Road to Jaipur

April 22, 2023

We got up and boarded the coach to Jaipur fairly early. There was no lack of cows on the main road, for which the other vehicles made way.  Along the way we stopped at a rural village named Abhaneri to see its historic step well. 

Cow in the Road

Stepwells were not just a source of water; they also served as sites for bathing, pryer and meditation. Chand Baori, the stepwell we visited, was constructed in the 10th century and is dedicated to Harshat Mata, the goddess of joy and happiness. It is also a designated UNESCO site.

An ancient engineering feat, stepwells are designed to catch water and allow people to ascend and descend the stairs to get to it.

After the stop at Abhaneri we continued on to the city of Jaipur where we went to the City Palace which is at the center of Jaipur, covers one-seventh of the area and is surrounded by high walls. It also has an outdoor museum with elaborately constructed ancient instruments designed to follow the planets. There is for instance an amazingly accurate sundial on display. 

Tourists Enter the Pink City
Tourists Visiting Jaipur

After visiting the City Palace we went back to our hotel—one of the most luxurious we have ever seen. The hotel is the Jai Mahal Palace, owned by the royal family and a former residence of the prime minister. It is still owned by the royal family but now serves as a luxury hotel. And as a special bonus attraction it has an Italian restaurant. Needless to say, after a stop at the bar, we had dinner there. 

Jai Mahal Palace

All in all, Jaipur and the road into the city was fascinating. Not to be missed.