Fort Agra — India

April 12, 2023

The Agra Fort

After visiting the Taj Mahal in the morning we made our way over to the Agra Fort, about 2.5 kilometers away. Also known as Agra’s Red Fort, it was built by Mughai Emperor Akbar. Construction commenced in 1565 and was completed in 1573. (They didn’t have the EPA to put up with.) 

Agra, India — April 12, 2023. A midday photo of the entrance to Agra Fort, a World Heritage Site.

The fort, more accurately described as a walled city, was designated as a World Heritage Site in 1983. It served as the main residence of the rulers of the Mughai Dynasty until 1638 when the capital was moved to Delhi from Agra. It was eventually captured by the British before India won its independence.

Photo taken inside the grounds of Agra Fort; Onion Domes of a mosque are visible
Tourists in Agra Fort

In addition to spending time in Fort Agra, we visited a Marble Inlay Factory where workers shape and polish stones for various sculptures and pieces of art using traditional techniques. Then we headed off for an afternoon visit to the Taj Mahal. By the way–it was 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

Worker at Marble Inlay Factory
Taj Mahal in the Afternoon

Some photos  from these visits are included.