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Piracy on the High Seas

Pirates!   We recently have learned a few things about pirates in the Atlantic Ocean – yes that’s right, the Atlantic.   Apparently, piracy is big business off the West coast of Africa, as cargo ships with refined petroleum pass through these waters.  Several African countries on the West coast are rich in oil, and […]

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Photo Safari at Phinda Forest Lodge

Zululand, South Africa May 8, 2023 When we arrived in South Africa, we immediately went by van to Phinda Forest Lodge for a photo safari (we were part of a group of 8 passengers from the ship).   Phinda is one of the many lodges owned by a company called “&Beyond” which promotes sustainable travel […]

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India — Overall Impressions

India – there aren’t enough words to describe it.  Some impressions.   In the course of 6 days in India, we saw only a small part of this country, and yet enough to fascinate us and make us want to see more.  Since there are not enough words to adequately describe our experience, and we […]

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Visiting Penang, Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia April 1, 2023 During a visit to Penang, Malaysia we spent some time in the city of Georgetown, the capital. Georgetown is a city established about 150 years ago by British colonizers. It is home to many different ethnicities including Chinese, Indian, Arabian, Burmese and Malay people as well as expats from Eurasia, […]

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver, BC, Canada                                       May 3, 2016 We spent a wonderful day in Vancouver, a city we hadn’t seen before, a city that impressed us tremendously.  A vibrant cosmopolitan city (developed only about 100 years ago), with […]

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Our time in Alaska

Alaska                                                             May 1, 2016 We have spent this past week visiting several places in Alaska and enjoying the beautiful scenery and the nice local folks. This is a giant state, and our visit only covered a bit of the Aleutian Islands and some of the towns/cities in the southeast part of the state. Alaska’s big […]

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Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Dutch Harbor, Alaska                            Sunday, April 24, 2016 We arrived in Dutch Harbor, Alaska on Saturday, and the mood on the boat was noticeably cheerful – not sure if folks were glad to be back in the USA (using familiar currency and language), […]

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Eastern Russia

  Eastern Russia                                                           April 20, 2016 Just a few hours heading north in the Pacific Ocean and you go from relatively mild early Spring weather in Japan to sub-zero snow in Russia! We visited Korsakov on Monday, on the island of Sakhalin, about halfway between Japan and Russia in this area of the world. This […]

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