Weekend in Seville

We spent this weekend in Seville. Among other things we made a quick trip to a neighborhood in Seville: Macarena. Because of the heat, we restricted our wandering around to the morning. To put it in perspective: at this moment, 11:00 AM local time, it is already 92° Fahrenheit. By this afternoon the temperature is predicted to be about 105°. Which is to say that it gets really hot here. 

The first place we visited was Basilica de la Macarena (photo below). Built between 1941 and 1949 in Baroque Revival style it is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. While there we had some breakfast outside at the Cafe Macarena.  Another place we visited was Alameda de Hercules, one of the oldest public parks in Europe. 

Built in 1574, Alameda de Hercules was a meeting point for the upper classes until the end of the 19th century, when it began to deteriorate. By the 1990s it had turned into a red light district. The town decided to change that and so invested in the park to upgrade it to what it is today— a family friendly park and meeting place. 

Some photos below.


Breakfast in Macarena
Basilica de La Macarena
Clothing Shop in Macarena
Bodega in Macarena
Alameda de Hercules
Tour Group in Macarena
Tour Bus in Macarena

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