The Big Easy

So we traveled to New Orleans—on Thanksgiving day no less, to begin a Mississippi Rover cruise with Viking. Despite all the news reports of horror shows at airports, we had a very smooth flight. We got to the hotel early and our room was ready. That’s tough to beat.

We got to the Big Easy a couple of days early where we met my sister Barbara and her husband Tim. Then we proceeded to take a look around town. The city has not yet fully recovered from Katrina—back in 2006. But it was a pleasant stay anyway. 

We caught a few moments of the annual Thanksgiving day parade where we spotted a lady in the audience with what may be the biggest dog in the world (photo below).

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA — Nov 23, 2023. Tourists, including a woman with a very big dog, line up to watch the New Orleans Thanksgiving Day Parade.

We also made our way to Jackson Square where someone was dressed up in a clown suit.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA — Nov 24, 2023. A clown with a table, chair and pet dog, stands ready to entertain visitors in Jackson Square New Orleans, Louisiana.
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA — Nov 24, 2023. A clown with a table, chair and pet dog entertains visitors in Jackson Square, New Orleans as a bemused pedestrian walks by.

And we went to the New Orleans Aquarium where a young boy posed by the jaws of what must have been an enormous shark. 

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA — Nov 25, 2023. A boy stands next to a very large shark’s jaw on display in an aquarium.

Next stop, the cruise ship and our first cruise stop at a plantation Mansion in St James Parish, Louisiana. We’ll keep you (or as they say down here “Y’all”) posted.