Easter 2019 in Spring Lake

Spring arrived with Easter in Spring Lake, NJ. Some trees, like the cherry blossoms, are in full bloom. Others are just beginning to sprout. The severe rain storms that were supposed to hit Spring Lake didn’t show up, at least not with the advertised ferocity. The water was a bit rough at the beach and there was a lot of fog on the boardwalk. Here below are some photos taken over the weekend that include a long exposure photo of the beach, flowers in bloom and the Constitution Gazebo in Potters Park. 

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A long exposure photograph of the beach in Spring Lake tha reveals a dreamy, ethereal vision.

A stone path through the grass leads to the Constutition Gazebo in Potters Park in Spring Lake, NJ.
Close-up photo of a cherry blossom flower in full bloom in Spring Lake, NJ.
Buds on the trees in Potters Park begin to bloom.

Quick note: We also have some trips around southern Virginia and North Carolina coming up, as well as a trip to the Baltic’s and St Petersburg later in the summer. Photos from those trips will be posted here as they happen.


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