Australia, Here We Come (Again)

Cairns, Australia

February 20, 2023

Finally we arrived in Australia. Cairns to be exact. We were supposed to go on an overland trip to the Outback and Ayers Rock, but that didn’t pan put so we booked some tours for the ports we would be visiting, starting with Cairns. 

We decided to go on a tour of the Kuranda Rainforest. We started by taking a train ride through the rainforest in the approximately 100 year old restored train line now known as the tourist friendly Kuranda Scenic Railway.  We were treated to spectacular views of the rain forest with its waterfalls, deep ravines and mountains. Occasionally we could see out to the coast from the mountains.

Next we went for a ride in amphibious vehicles which were originally designed for use in WWII. These vehicles, now manufactured fro civilian use, are known as “Army Ducks”. The Army Ducks were (and are) made exclusively by women. We drove—actually we were driven—through a portion of the rain forest, which included a brief drive in a shallow lake.  We successfully avoided eating the extremely poisonous berries and other plants that inhabit the rain forest; we also avoided the venomous snakes and Cassowaries who live there. 

Cassowaries are about the size of ostriches, have razor sharp toe nails and are quite capable of slicing up and killing adversaries with their feet. Best viewed in zoos or from a distance. 

After that adventure we visited a Rainforest Preservation Zoo with the obligatory kangaroos, some crocodiles, a Cassowary and of course, a Tasmanian Devil. After that it was back to the ship. 

The next scheduled stop was Cooktown, but that was cancelled due to the weather. Apparently it would have been too dangerous to get the tender ships ashore. So we are off to Darwin, named after Charles Darwin, where we should arrive in a few days. 

In the meantime, a few photos from out rainforest travels are below. 


Cairns, Australia–Feb 20, 2023. Wide angle photo of the Freshwater train station where we caught the Kuranda Express.
Photo of a rain forest waterfall taken in Barron Gorge National Park in Northern Australia
Barron Gorge National Park, Australia — February 20, 2023. Photo of tourists riding in an Army Duck amphibious vehicle.
Barron Gorge National Park, Australia — February 20, 2023. A photo of the 100 year old Kuranda Scenic Railway Train in Barron Gorge National Park.