A Little Macro Photography

Macro photography, which entails close-up photos of a subject, is particularly well suited for nature photography. So in order to learn about the art of macro photography, composition and technique, I went to a Visions Photographic Workshop run by Michael S. Miller. I might add that Michael’s classes and workshops can benefit any and all photographers, from beginners to more advanced practitioners. Michael is a great teacher, and his classes and workshops are a lot of fun to boot. Try going to the Visions Workshops website to have a look. You also might want to check out the Visions Facebook page.


Anyway, for the Macro Photography workshop Monday evening, the light and weather were perfect. So we spent the evening on the beach crawling around in the sand to get some close-ups of seashells and other stuff lying around in the sand. Here (below) are some of the resulting photos.


Seashell with a Heart

Broken-up Seashells Litter the Beach

Mussells, Pebbles and Seashells on the Beach

A collection of seashells lying on the beach

A seashell lying on the beach in late afternoon

Seashell on the beach Surrounded by sand pebbles in late afternoon