Sevilla, Spain

! Hola !

We made it and we are now settling in to our flat in Seville, where we will spend the next 6 weeks. We are in a (Spanish) language immersion program. Mary Anne is in the advanced class. Needless to say I am not. I am in the class with the other hopeless specimens. 

But all is not lost. I learned how to order both red and white wine (vino tinto y vino blanco).  So far so good. 

Our 2 bedroom flat is in the old town section and is quite comfortable. That said there is a soccer match between Glasgow and Frankfurt scheduled for tonight and the place is teeming with fans. We are hoping to avoid a round of football hooliganism. We’ll see. 

The city is very charming. I included a few photos taken in the neighborhood where we are staying.  More on the way as we get settled in and get more familiar with the city.


Photo of a park with Jacaranda Trees, known for thier purple flowers
Outside our Flat
Seville, Spain– May 16, 2022. Patrons dining outdoors at El Paseillo Restaurant in Seville.
Seville, Spain — MaY 15, 2022. A wide angle shot of the Seville Cathedral and the town square on a spring day.