Guayaquil, Ecuador

17 January 2023

As our itinerary changed due to civil unrest in Peru (and the cancellation of our planned visits there), we had the opportunity today to visit Guayaquil, Ecuador, a city we first saw in 2018.  

Guayaquil is a large port city, home to over 3 million people.   It has a cosmopolitan flavor, with influences from around the world seen in its architecture, food, businesses, etc.   Guayaquil is home to several universities, and Ecuador’s only University of Fine Arts.   It is the major commercial, economic and industrial center of Ecuador. 

When we first saw Guayaquil several years ago, we visited on a quiet, sunny Sunday morning.  We enjoyed the Malecón 2000 (the river walk along the Guayas River that was part of a big urban renovation project completed in 2000) and the beautiful Las Peñas area, home to old colorful houses, artisan workshops, and the Santa Ana Hill and Lighthouse.  

We returned today to Malecón 2000 and Las Peñas, on a busy Tuesday morning, and were delighted to see how this area has grown in size while retaining its distinctive, charming character.  

On our way to and from Las Peñas we had the chance to see much more of the city, including a large area where the Navy has its offices, residences, hospital, shipyard, etc., as well as the enormous port area where all of the services needed for cargo shipping and transport are located.  

We leave Ecuador today, and will be on the seas for several days before we arrive at Easter Island, home of the Moai carved by the Rapa Nui people.

Mary Anne

(Some photos from Guayaquil are below–Joe).  

An Iguana in Iguana Park in Guayaquil slithers in the grass.
A vertical photo of the entrance to Guayaquil’s University of the Arts
Photo of a hill in the Las Penas section of Guayaquil
Church Spires in Guayaquil