Crossed the Equator!

We have crossed the Equator!                                                        February 3, 2016


This morning we crossed the equator, and we are on our way to Samoa (we’ll be there Friday). There is a ton of water under this ship and it’s warmer than the air that surrounds us (water is about 90 degrees F, air is about 88 degrees F). As you look out from the ship, all you see is water, nice blue sky, and puffy white clouds. Joe will post some pix so you can see what we are seeing. It’s like there is no one else in the world. Just amazing.

After we visit Samoa, our trip gets a lot more active, with fewer days at sea, and more frequent stops for the next 90+ days. This has been a good vacation thus far, but we’ll be on the move after this. Hopefully we’ll have some good pictures to show you.

The vibe on the ship is changing over time. It seems that people got settled in during the first few days, and are now in a very friendly state of mind. Doubtless the many classes have provided people with a chance to know each other, so now we see each other outside the classroom and have time to meet, introduce spouses and friends, etc. The US Presidential race provides every single person on this ship, regardless of nationality or political preferences, an opportunity to comment on the situation. A constant source of amusement, tinged with concern about events in the world.

I heard someone say that the average age on the ship is 87, and that might be true. I hope that when I am 87 I am in the condition of most of these fellow passengers!



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