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Weekend in Madrid

Friday we left Seville for Madrid for a 3-day weekend.  Seville is a nice, relatively small city. Madrid on the other hand is very large and magnificent. Magnifico as they say. With a population of 3.4 million and a metropolitan area population of 6.7 million it is the second biggest city in the European Union […]

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Weekend in Seville

We spent this weekend in Seville. Among other things we made a quick trip to a neighborhood in Seville: Macarena. Because of the heat, we restricted our wandering around to the morning. To put it in perspective: at this moment, 11:00 AM local time, it is already 92° Fahrenheit. By this afternoon the temperature is […]

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The Bullfight

Since we are living in Spain for a while we went to a Bullfight. When in Rome… It was fascinating, not least because you get to see the whole spectacle, which is not exactly what you’d expect. There is a great deal of pageantry associated with bullfights. (I am sure the bulls are unimpressed by […]

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Back to Grenada

Granada is an endlessly fascinating city. While we were there, in addition to visiting the Alhambra, we visited the Souk, an Arabic shopping area with silks and spices and various other goods. We saw a busker playing his violin outside on the street near the Cathedral of Granada. And last, but not least, we stayed […]

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Las Setas, Seville, Spain

Last week we took some time to look at the architecture in Seville (and there is something for everyone when it comes to architecture here!).   One of our stops was the Metropol Parasol, popularly known as “Las Setas” (the “Mushrooms”), an enormous wooden (birch) structure opened 10 years ago.  Las Setas consists of six […]

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Granada, España

We spent the weekend in Granada, Spain, visiting the City and its jewel, the Alhambra.  On the drive between Seville and Granada, we passed mile after mile of olive groves, sunflower fields, and beautiful flowers, while seeing the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains in the distance.   As far as the eye could see, every hill […]

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