Peak Bloom for the Cherry Blossoms

The Cherry Blossom Festival runs every year from March to April to commemorate the gift of 3,000 cherry trees the Mayor of Tokyo donated to the United States in 1912. The trees were meant to symbolize the friendship between the Japanese and American people. Located mainly around the Tidal Basin, the festival attracts large crowds to D.C. each year, especially for “Peak Bloom” which occurs when 70% of the Yoshino Cherry trees are open.

A Potomac Park morning with the cherry blossoms in peak bloom.

The festival includes walks, tours, concerts and a kite flying festival.  However, the peak bloom period lasts only a few days, so people pack the District to celebrate the event during a narrow time window. This year predicted peak bloom is April 1, so Mary Anne and I headed out to the District to catch the sights and some of the celebration. 

Washington, DC, USA — March 30, 2019. The Washington Monument seen through blooming cherry blossoms on a Spring morning.
Washington, DC, USA — March 30, 2019 A woman takes a photo of two friends under blooming cherry blossom trees by the Potomac.

Washington, DC, USA — March 30, 2019. Cherry Blossoms along the Tidal Basin display their pink flowers as thy approach peak bloom.

Washington, DC, USA — March 30, 2019. The Jefferson Memorial on a clear spring morning.

Sure enough there were large (mostly polite) crowd there to celebrate. And it is sure worth celebrating. The scenery is just spectacular. So: Here  are a few shots taken today at the fesitivities.