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Two Days in Sydney, Australia

Two busy days in Sydney. Among other things, we toured the iconic Sydney Opera House. We visited an Australian wildlife reserve. And we walked along the Sydney Harbor on a walking tour of “The Rocks” a section of the city. Joe

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Birds of New Caledonia…and Cyclones too

The waters got a bit rough last night. But the saloons stayed open. Maybe it had something to do with the Captain’s announcement that by leaving Fiji when we did we beat a Cyclone, complete with 60-foot waves, by 2-days. Anyway, here are some pictures of Birds we saw on Noumea, New Caledonia. (Sorry it’s […]

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Headed for Australia

We are at sea headed for Sydney Australia, having left Noumea, New Caledonia where it is now Valentine’s day. So here are some pictures from Noumea, including some “Love Birds” for Valentine’s Day. Joe

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Party Time

Talk about service. We made a quick side trip to Mystery Island, a very small island that is part of a chain of islands known as Vanuata. The cruise ship set up a bar on the beach for cruise guests and the staff waded into the Pacific to serve drinks. See the picture. Joe

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Some Pictures from Lautoka, Fiji

Some shots from Lautoka, Fiji, including: orchids from the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, created by Raymond Burr of Perry Mason fame; local traders showing their wares, and the house of a village Chief.

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