New Hope, PA

It was a beautiful day yesterday in New Hope, PA. We went for a long walk through town and down the Tow Path, which is next to the canal where the mules used to tow small boats through the water–hence the name. Anyway here (below) are some photos from walking around. Photos from New Hope can also be seen in a Gallery labeled–New Hope–which is in an Album titled “Around the U.S.



Spring is Here

Springtime is finally here. It’s still a bit chilly, and it’s pretty gusty. But today is the first day of the fishing season in Spring Lake, the lake has been restocked, and the fisherman showed up to try their luck. And the Cherry Blossoms are out. The trend looks good.

Anglers come to Spring Lake for the opening day of the fishing season
Some fisherman fish, and some relax
Cherry Blossom by Spring Lake
Young fishermen try thier luck in a fishing contest on the first day of the season
Fisherman on the banks of Spring Lake for the beginning of the new fishing season