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From Summer to Fall

Summer is gone, the fall is here, the ocean is getting rougher, and of course it is hurricane season. The water was sufficiently treacherous over the past weekend that 35 people had to be rescued from the surf in Belmar, according to the Mayor. The Mayor said that 35 people had to be pulled out of the water by lifeguards, police, the Coast Guard and…”water rescue staff”. If not lifeguards I wonder what the term “water rescue staff” is supposed to refer to.


Anyway, off to the Finger Lakes region in New York State soon, where we hope to get some nice autumn shots. Some Spring Lake beach shots below.

Waves from rough Atlantic seas smash up against the rocks of a jetty at the Jersey Shore.

Waves roll into the beach on a cold gray rainy morning

Waves come crashing onto shore on a rainy, gloomy morning

Rainy, foggy morning with a storm on the horizon

Photo of the Spring Lake boardwalk on a wet and foggy fall morning.

















Summer is here and the best time to see the beach is early in the morning before the crowds arrive. Here is what it looked like this morning.

A life guard station turned on its side on the beach next to a lifeboat before the crowds arrive

Lifeboat on the beach

An empty life guard chair and boat on the beach early in the morning

Life guard station and boat early in the morning before the crowds arrive