Oh Canada!

We went up to Montreal for the Thanksgiving holiday and took a side trip by rail to Quebec City.  And boy, was it cold. I mean really, really cold. At one point my iPhone read 8 degrees Fahrenheit. This was during the day, around 9:00 AM. By the way, did I mention that it was cold? 

Cold or not, both both Montreal and Quebec had lots of beautiful French architecture. Montreal in particular looked a lot like Paris. The Old Town section of Quebec, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, had Christmas carolers out and the Christmas markets were alive with shoppers and browsers. All in all, the people were very friendly, the food was terrific, cabs were plentiful and the trains actually ran on time. A good time was had by all.

Here below are a couple of shots from Quebec, mostly taken in the OldTown Section. 


Quebec, Province of Quebec, Canada–November 30, 2019. Christmas carolers sing seasonal songs and hymns outdoors in Old Town Quebec, Canada.
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada — November 30, 2019. A photo of a side street in Quebec (rue St. Anne) with the popular red roofed Bistro 1640.
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada — NOvember 30, 2019. Pedestrians are window shopping in the Christmas markets of Quebec.
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada — November 30, 2019. Steam risies from the chimney of a commercial building on the bank of the St Lawrence River in Quebec City, Canada.