Cruising the Sounds of New Zealand

Back again. We’ve been touring around like mad, and haven’t had a chance to post. On February 21, we entered New Zealand’s territorial waters and spent the day cruising through Milford Sound and some other Fiords (the NZ spelling) which were formed tens of thousands of years ago by retreating glaciers.


These Fiords, similar to the Fjords in Canada and Alaska, Fiords are a remarkable sight.  It is like cruising through a deep valley with mountains rising up on either side.  And we are far, far away. New Zealand is about as far away from New Jersey as you can get. As the crow flies, Stewart Island, the southernmost part New Zealand where we are headed, is only 3,000 miles from Antarctica. In fact, it’s a drop off point for some expeditions.


Anyway, here are some photos from the Fiords.

One of many waterfalls in Milford Sound
Boat goes past a waterfall in Milford Sound
The sun breaking through the clouds in Dusky Sound in late afternoon